Nov 12, 2012

fall fashion in spring weather

Yesterday was like spring in Toronto - it was quite surprising after we were hit by some of Sandy's left overs too. To celebrate the 16 degrees, I broke out the shorts - layering nylons underneath of course. I am actually a bit of a hypocrite for sporting this look, I've said in the past that I had gotten quite bored of seeing girls wearing their highwaisted shorts waaaay over season layering with tights; however I do admit it's an easy outfit to through on when in doubt. 


CAMO JACKET - not an investment piece but definitely worth a buy!
YES, I did fall for the camo trend and although I was looking for more creative ways to wear it too - I wanted the basic jacket to throw over a cute outfit.
I purchased it for $10 at BLACK MARKET VINTAGE, and they've still got a few left, so Torontonians - it's your best bet. You can also find great look-a-likes online for low, low prices. This isn't a trend you'll want to dish a lot for because a) the cheaper ones are usually original and better quality b) it might not stick around for too long/ or it'll be in out in out.

CIRCLE SCARF - take your time, find the right piece for you because you'll want to wear it forever!
I didn't jump right on the circle scarf bandwagon like I did with camo jackets. I've had one too many bad experiences with rushed purchases in the hats-scares-gloves department and my big box of unused wacky, tacky and out of date finds were just taking up space.
I ended up shelling out $30 bucks for this at LITTLE BURGUNDY, after months of forcing myself to leave behind so-so finds, I regret nothing because I fell in love with this find and plan to use it forever - well basically.



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    You are beautiful and I love this outfit! The colors of it work very nicely together. You have a wonderful blog! ;-)

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  2. I love this outfit! I am so ready to get on the camo jacket trend asap. My favorite of the fall trends would have to be velvet, leather, and metallics. Basically all of the luxurious fabrics! :)


  3. Love this, the burgundy circle scarf looks great with the greens in your camo jacket!

  4. im in love with the army jacket :)

    xx m

  5. This outfit is really awesome! I am such a fan of camouflage clothes and your jacket is adorable! The combination with the highwaist shorts is stunning! Wow!

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  6. nice outfit baby ! visit my blog

  7. I really like this outfit, especially the scarf.

    Janine xx