Sep 23, 2013

what's left of the summer sun

I'm head-over-heels for this summer's kimono trend and regardless of its cool fading out as we exit festival season, I plan to keep wearing them. I own two pieces so far, this silk dragon embroidered Value Village find being my favourite. My white floral sheer fringe kimono is a little less practical for fall and well, for basically much everything else thanks to the fringe (but it's pretty so I make it work). 

Silk Kimono - Value Village - $5

I was having a bit of a lazy day and decided to wear my little red dress from the night before (masking the post concert sweat with loads of perfume - classy). So I thought it was the perfect occasion to test drive my kimono which to that point had served more as decoration hanging above my bed. 

The vibrant embroidery matched perfectly with the shiny dress and toned down the look too. I don't feel 'myself' without a couple layers piled on anyway. I was so comfy all day that I couldn't be bothered with a few confused stares. It's PJ-chic... that's still a thing, right? Next stop: pajama suit. 

 Red Dress - American Apparel - $55

 What trend are you carrying over from the summer?