Oct 3, 2013

defining moments: film

Today I introduce a new series called “defining moments”. Over the next few weeks I will dedicate posts to various media and it’s effect on my life and style over the years. I'd love to see response posts (link me!) so feel free to use this idea as your own. 

Age 10: Bandana Bandit

I was hesitant to see Pirates of the Caribbean because I didn’t like scary things and “Curse of the Black Pearl” sounded exactly like the thing that 10 year old me thought would give me nightmares... instead it gave me dreams. 

rare photo of bandana-phase

When I was forced (read: peer pressured) to watch POTC in after-school care it changed my life. That very evening decided I would become an actor or a pirate. My first ever not-mom-or-dad idol was Johnny Depp. I trained for years in acting to pursue this dream. It also inspired a brief (and not well documented, to my relief) bandana-phase. 

Age 14: Grease is the Word

I so badly wanted to be Frenchy but I was cast as Sandy in my summer camp production of Grease when I was just 12. We didn’t do a full version if you’re wondering - just a couple  “G”-rated songs and scenes. I finally convinced our councillors to give me the part of Frenchy instead and to this day I don’t regret giving up the lead. I loved Frenchy because she was an absolute mess but seemed to be the only student in that entire school thinking about her future. She was always busy trying to find her place in the world and even though she kept changing her mind or "bombing" her attempts, they all became a part of her active search for her place in the world. 

Of course the film also gave me an instant desire to don poodle skirts and frilly socks; I wanted to dance around bleachers and twist petty schoolyard drama into catchy tunes. I couldn’t decide who’s style I wanted to emulate more - Danny’s or Sandy’s. Here I am mixing a preppy 50s feel with my tough-as-nails-Danny-Zuko leather jacket look. All that’s missing really is the hair grease. 

Age 16: Fur Coat of Secrets 

I was a bit lonely at 16. My social skills were not lacking, in fact I was a bit too social according to my teachers, but I still preferred the time spent in my own imagination than the time I spent around my peers. I wasn’t much of rebel or a great thinker like Margot Tenenbaum, but I was good at keeping secrets. I talked and talked and talked like I had nothing to hide but my big (faux) fur coat was filled with secrets. 

This was also the year I cut my hair short to 
  • look more androgynous; therefore chic
  • enhance my natural likeness to Alexa Chung (I’ve never been more wrong in my life)
Looking back, I wish I’d had a little more sense to go for a Margot-like cut. 

Age 19: Dazed and Confused

Wearing overalls. Everyone's out past bedtime. Being grounded. Hanging out with older kids.  Shooting pool. Senior pranks. Stuck in high school. Tie-dye tees. Dazed. And. Confused.

Who am I kidding. Most nights I’m in bed (on my computer) by 9pm, snacking on my hidden stack of chocolate bars - but when I do leave the house, I totally wear overalls. That and I also don’t have my life figured out yet. 

What movies inspired you?

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