Oct 28, 2013

I know it's Monday...

... the worst day for puns.

I'm just preparing you for the storm of awful day-of-the-week related jokes headed your way when you show up in this costume. If you really embody her character however, you will take absolutely none of that nonsense from anyone. Today's costume idea is Wednesday Addams, of course.

Wednesday is a classic. She's recognizable, relatable (in a we-all-have-that-thing-that-makes-us-creepy kind of way, no?) and easy to re-create.



It might not seem like a very creative costume but this is the holiday when you can take almost any well-known character and twist it around (think: any Disney princess as a zombie. ta-daa!). If you're all-in you can really make this costume unique. 

Some DIY accessories that can make this look all your own: barbie head/hand/feet jewellery, a creepy book (tape a chilling title onto a plain cover book or notebook),  destroyed dolls. You could also opt for a Wednesday look from various scenarios: Wednesday in gym class (think all dark gym-skort uniform), Wednesday's Halloween dinner look (hair ribbons, frilly collar maybe decorated with blood) or Wednesday in one of her camp outfits from Family Values. 

What's important to keeping the look true to Wednesday are all dark clothes, middle-par hair in two long braids and a cold stare. 


You can add another layer to your costume with dark eyelids and white liner to get the dead-doe eyes, while a layer of powder on your cheeks and lips will complete the recently deceased look Wednesday is known to rock. 

Real people hair - scalp preferably still attached. 


The key to nailing this iconic look is just that: the look. It depicts another level of annoyed and all at once "I really don't care". Some of us have it, some of us don't. This kind of "layer" to the costume is for those looking to really impress. So if you're headed to the kind of party for which you're simply interested in a costume you won't have to explain all night - don't worry about this step. 


If you've got a dude hanging around, coax him into being the Pugsley to your Wednesday. On recreating scenes from the movie, note: don't try this at home. Playful pushing and shoving is fine - just no burying each other alive, please.

Additional Inspiration: 

play safe kids

Rebecca, out. 


  1. Haha I love this! It's my first American Halloween this year and I have no idea what to go as! I'm in desperate need of some inspiration

    The Koalafornian x

  2. - C'est marrant tes petites animations là ;)