Oct 28, 2013

I know it's Monday...

... the worst day for puns.

I'm just preparing you for the storm of awful day-of-the-week related jokes headed your way when you show up in this costume. If you really embody her character however, you will take absolutely none of that nonsense from anyone. Today's costume idea is Wednesday Addams, of course.

Wednesday is a classic. She's recognizable, relatable (in a we-all-have-that-thing-that-makes-us-creepy kind of way, no?) and easy to re-create.



It might not seem like a very creative costume but this is the holiday when you can take almost any well-known character and twist it around (think: any Disney princess as a zombie. ta-daa!). If you're all-in you can really make this costume unique. 

Some DIY accessories that can make this look all your own: barbie head/hand/feet jewellery, a creepy book (tape a chilling title onto a plain cover book or notebook),  destroyed dolls. You could also opt for a Wednesday look from various scenarios: Wednesday in gym class (think all dark gym-skort uniform), Wednesday's Halloween dinner look (hair ribbons, frilly collar maybe decorated with blood) or Wednesday in one of her camp outfits from Family Values. 

What's important to keeping the look true to Wednesday are all dark clothes, middle-par hair in two long braids and a cold stare. 


You can add another layer to your costume with dark eyelids and white liner to get the dead-doe eyes, while a layer of powder on your cheeks and lips will complete the recently deceased look Wednesday is known to rock. 

Real people hair - scalp preferably still attached. 


The key to nailing this iconic look is just that: the look. It depicts another level of annoyed and all at once "I really don't care". Some of us have it, some of us don't. This kind of "layer" to the costume is for those looking to really impress. So if you're headed to the kind of party for which you're simply interested in a costume you won't have to explain all night - don't worry about this step. 


If you've got a dude hanging around, coax him into being the Pugsley to your Wednesday. On recreating scenes from the movie, note: don't try this at home. Playful pushing and shoving is fine - just no burying each other alive, please.

Additional Inspiration: 

play safe kids

Rebecca, out. 

Oct 24, 2013

feeling clueless?

So die-hard Halloween fanatics are going to give me grief for this one - and I know it isn't Regan MacNeil or Corpse Bride or anything remotely scary - but if you're looking for a costume you can easily throw together from items that probably exist in your wardrobe, then stick around.

One could also argue that Cher and her crew of poor-little-rich-kids are scary in their own way. You can have lots of fun with this costume if you get into character. Brush-up by watching the movie or scrolling through some of the film's brilliant insight on teenage angst (35 great examples here). 

Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?

- Cher

This look is best accessorized with tasteful patent, knee high socks and an over-sized 90s cell phone (you can always find them in the gadgets  section of thrift stores). The ULTIMATE accessory however, is your very own clique. Of course boys can participate too - think over-sized tees and classic bucket hats to fit in with the team. 

So okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don’t get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair (eww!) and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon? I don’t think so.


But seriously - thrift stores are filled with great pieces like see-through backpacks, chunky t-strap platforms and plaid blazers with shoulder pads (easy fix). Everything else you can find in the back of your mum's closet. Or vice versa. Whatevs. You totally dig what I'm saying. 

Here is your ultimate thrift-store wish list to achieving that Clueless look:

additional inspiration:

xo, Becca

ho-hum it's halloween

So Halloween should be most every fashion-blogger-DIY-enthusiast's favourite holiday, right? It's not that I don't love the scary movies, chilly nights, cheesy decoration and air of competitive creativity that October is filled with but I've just never been any good at getting into the spirit of things.

October is the time of year where my energy, motivation and creativity rapidly decline as I slip into a state of dysphoria over how quickly September (my month of 'new beginnings') seemed to have flown by.

Instead of contently sipping pumpkin spice lattes and embracing sweater weather I find myself dragging my feet home from work, turning on Hart of Dixie and falling asleep in my day clothes (go ahead, judge me).

So costume planning is never really a thing in my world. The few times I've put effort into Halloween, in my trick-or-treating years, I was discouraged by the dreaded "cute! so... what are you supposed to be actually?". Nowadays, if I even have anywhere to go, I throw on a one coloured outfit and animal ears and call it a day (i.e. leopard dress = leopard, head-to-toe brown + ears = teddy bear).

Regardless of my own lack of participation in the holidays, one of my biggest all-around pet peeves is pre-made costumes, unless they are worn as a joke. I admire those who can put together a recognizable character from thrifted pieces, items from their own wardrobe and maybe with the help of some dollar store supplies.

So I have 3 mini-zines coming your way inspired by a mix of cute, creepy and cool characters to help you gear up for last-minute costume organizing.

xo, Becca

Oct 9, 2013

trying to be cool

~ it was a bit hot out for leather pants ~
necklace - $12 h&m / crop top - $7 stradivarius / sheer shirt - $7 thrift / leather pants - $8 thrift / oxfords - $6 thrift

A couple days after I publicly vowed to no longer wear colour - I ran out of options. Of course after years of collection eclectic patterns and floral dresses this was bound to happen, but I happily excepted this as an excuse to head thrift shopping. 

I never go thrift shopping with any expectations of my expectations. I do usually have some purpose in mind (e.g. denim dress, cardigan, oxfords) but I don't get my hopes up. This time of course my list was quite easy to fulfil - anything black - but I did not think I'd find so many great pieces.  

All in black - I picked up a pair of high-waist denim pants, a sequin crop jacket (pictures to come) and my favourite find: vintage leather trousers. Not only are they mint condition but I also scored these babies for 8 bucks (thrift stores have been hiking their prices quite a bit lately). 

I found great variety and unique pieces in a colour that everyone kind of turns to for safety. Here's how I styled my new leather pants. 

can you tell how excited I am about my new leather pants!!1!111!!1!!!!

What's your favourite thrift store find evur?

Oct 6, 2013

NorBlack NorWhite: Fashion, Art, History

 The first time I wrote a piece about NorBlack NorWhite I was 16, my mom was the only
person reading my blog and the brand had only just released their first collection. I caught a
Fashion Television feature on the Toronto design duo after school back in 2010 and was
immediately obsessed with their concept. Since then the brand has released seven collections
and is available in major cities around the world.

 Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya founded NorBlack NorWhite after graduating from
university in Toronto and moving to Bombay. Their idea was to find inspiration for each season
in a different part of India. Kumar and Kapadiya spend the time between collection launches on
road trips through different regions of the country learning about textiles, patterns and clothing
traditional to the area. The duo then take what they learn on the road back to the studio and
incorporate it in their collections. The aim is to mix the traditional wear, unique to whatever
region they chose as inspiration, with modern design aesthetics.

 NorBlack NorWhite collections never disappoint with beautiful yet wearable pieces and
still offer so much more than that - the clothes are a testament to the journey, to history and
traditions being rediscovered and reinvented for the modern wearer. Each season is
accompanied by a vlog documenting their journey and the process of creating the final product.

NorBlack NorWhite’s spring 2013 look book. All photos courtesy of NorBlack NorWhite.

What draws me personally to the brand is it’s ability to mix the things I’ve always been most
fond of: fashion, history and travel. Like many fellow Torontonians, I was born and raised in
Toronto but learned English only as my second language; I know that strange feeling of having
your heart in two places at once. I love that NorBlack NorWhite have found a way to remedy this
by incorporating it in their art. They design clothes that are inspired by history and set out to
make history.