Oct 9, 2013

trying to be cool

~ it was a bit hot out for leather pants ~
necklace - $12 h&m / crop top - $7 stradivarius / sheer shirt - $7 thrift / leather pants - $8 thrift / oxfords - $6 thrift

A couple days after I publicly vowed to no longer wear colour - I ran out of options. Of course after years of collection eclectic patterns and floral dresses this was bound to happen, but I happily excepted this as an excuse to head thrift shopping. 

I never go thrift shopping with any expectations of my expectations. I do usually have some purpose in mind (e.g. denim dress, cardigan, oxfords) but I don't get my hopes up. This time of course my list was quite easy to fulfil - anything black - but I did not think I'd find so many great pieces.  

All in black - I picked up a pair of high-waist denim pants, a sequin crop jacket (pictures to come) and my favourite find: vintage leather trousers. Not only are they mint condition but I also scored these babies for 8 bucks (thrift stores have been hiking their prices quite a bit lately). 

I found great variety and unique pieces in a colour that everyone kind of turns to for safety. Here's how I styled my new leather pants. 

can you tell how excited I am about my new leather pants!!1!111!!1!!!!

What's your favourite thrift store find evur?


  1. My favorite is when I find a great piece of clothing for a fraction of the original price and the item is in brand new condition!

  2. This black outfit is so beautiful!
    Following you!