Oct 24, 2013

ho-hum it's halloween

So Halloween should be most every fashion-blogger-DIY-enthusiast's favourite holiday, right? It's not that I don't love the scary movies, chilly nights, cheesy decoration and air of competitive creativity that October is filled with but I've just never been any good at getting into the spirit of things.

October is the time of year where my energy, motivation and creativity rapidly decline as I slip into a state of dysphoria over how quickly September (my month of 'new beginnings') seemed to have flown by.

Instead of contently sipping pumpkin spice lattes and embracing sweater weather I find myself dragging my feet home from work, turning on Hart of Dixie and falling asleep in my day clothes (go ahead, judge me).

So costume planning is never really a thing in my world. The few times I've put effort into Halloween, in my trick-or-treating years, I was discouraged by the dreaded "cute! so... what are you supposed to be actually?". Nowadays, if I even have anywhere to go, I throw on a one coloured outfit and animal ears and call it a day (i.e. leopard dress = leopard, head-to-toe brown + ears = teddy bear).

Regardless of my own lack of participation in the holidays, one of my biggest all-around pet peeves is pre-made costumes, unless they are worn as a joke. I admire those who can put together a recognizable character from thrifted pieces, items from their own wardrobe and maybe with the help of some dollar store supplies.

So I have 3 mini-zines coming your way inspired by a mix of cute, creepy and cool characters to help you gear up for last-minute costume organizing.

xo, Becca

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