Oct 6, 2013

NorBlack NorWhite: Fashion, Art, History

 The first time I wrote a piece about NorBlack NorWhite I was 16, my mom was the only
person reading my blog and the brand had only just released their first collection. I caught a
Fashion Television feature on the Toronto design duo after school back in 2010 and was
immediately obsessed with their concept. Since then the brand has released seven collections
and is available in major cities around the world.

 Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya founded NorBlack NorWhite after graduating from
university in Toronto and moving to Bombay. Their idea was to find inspiration for each season
in a different part of India. Kumar and Kapadiya spend the time between collection launches on
road trips through different regions of the country learning about textiles, patterns and clothing
traditional to the area. The duo then take what they learn on the road back to the studio and
incorporate it in their collections. The aim is to mix the traditional wear, unique to whatever
region they chose as inspiration, with modern design aesthetics.

 NorBlack NorWhite collections never disappoint with beautiful yet wearable pieces and
still offer so much more than that - the clothes are a testament to the journey, to history and
traditions being rediscovered and reinvented for the modern wearer. Each season is
accompanied by a vlog documenting their journey and the process of creating the final product.

NorBlack NorWhite’s spring 2013 look book. All photos courtesy of NorBlack NorWhite.

What draws me personally to the brand is it’s ability to mix the things I’ve always been most
fond of: fashion, history and travel. Like many fellow Torontonians, I was born and raised in
Toronto but learned English only as my second language; I know that strange feeling of having
your heart in two places at once. I love that NorBlack NorWhite have found a way to remedy this
by incorporating it in their art. They design clothes that are inspired by history and set out to
make history.

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